Aircraft Detailing Procedures


We begin by inspecting the aircraft, looking for any signs of damage, loose paint, working corrosion or any other conditions that may not have been noticed by the owner. These areas are photo-documented for the owner.


Heavy oil and grease deposits are removed from the belly, landing gear, lower cowling and/or engine nacelles by hand using a biodegradable solvent. Any remaining stained areas are cleaned using a safe and effective carbon remover and degreaser, then the entire exterior is cleaned using a detergent that is safe for all aircraft finishes, rubber and Plexiglas. After rinsing, the aircraft is hand dried with a chamois.


If needed, an ultra mild fine grit compound is applied with sponges and buffing wheels to remove any remaining wax, grease, exhaust and oil films after washing, and to prepare the surface for final sealing and polishing.


After cleaning and deoxidizing, we apply a polish to give your aircraft the best shine possible. After treatment, your aircraft will keep its shine and will repel soot and carbon longer, making future cleaning jobs easier than ever.


Your windows will be thoroughly cleaned, inside and out, using a plastic cleaner, then polished using non-abrasive materials.


Polished spinners, leading edges, engine inlets and thrust reversers are cleaned and polished. A bright work swirl remover and sealant is used to provide additional protection.


Tires, deice boots and rubber seals are cleaned using a water-based rubber and de-ice boot product that restores and protects, leaving a new semi-gloss look with no oily residue.


Your carpeting and upholstery will be vacuumed and spot-treated if necessary. Instrument panels, lenses, glare shields, interior plastics and door panels will all be wiped down and cleaned, and leather seats will be cleaned with a leather protectant.

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